Root-me / Networks / Bluetooth – Unknown file Write-up

Today we gonna solve a network challenge called Bluetooth – Unknown file let’s get into it !

Challenge description :

Your friend working at NSA recovered an unreadable file in a hacker’s computer. The only thing he knows is that it comes from a communication between a computer and a phone.

The answer is the sha-1 hash of the concatenation of the MAC address (uppercase) and the name of the phone.

AB:CD:EF:12:34:56myPhone -> 023cc433c380c2618ed961000a681f1d4c44f8f1

check the file type

$ file ch18.bin
ch18.bin: BTSnoop version 1, HCI UART (H4)

we are working with network challenge so let’s open it with WireShark classic move ,

result :

Cool ! , We got the mac address and the remote name let’s convert the mac address and the remote name t...

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